What you see impacts who you hire

Bias is unconscious, for everyone, but we’ve created a tool for recruiters to minimize the effect of race and gender on hiring decisions.

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Make offers, not assumptions

Antibias is a Chrome extension that anonymizes candidates, replacing their photo with a unique graphic and hiding their name until you’re ready to reach out.

You’ll only see their background and abilities, so you can make better, less biased decisions.

Black candidates can receive 17% fewer offers based on picture alone.

Blind auditions can increase the chance of a woman being hired by 46%.

Underrepresented minorities make up 9% of top computer science graduates but only 5% of the big tech workforce.

White names can result in 50% more callbacks for interviews.

Take a stand against biased recruitment

Share Antibias with your HR and talent teams, and sign the pledge to commit to blind recruitment to reduce bias and foster diversity.


The story.

Antibias was envisioned by employees who wanted to put our talent behind Beyond’s value of diversity and inclusion. Diversity can only start with recruitment, but it’s a critical touchpoint, so we created a tool that our own teams could use to minimize the bias that leads to unfair advantages. We want to improve antibias — and every other roadblock to a more diverse and inclusive workforce.

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